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Need a process server? Aubor Group delivers your legal documents quickly and efficiently. We understand the rules of civil procedure and will handle your process service correctly. When you choose Aubor Group, you can rest assured you are in good hands.

Process server serving legal documents

Flat-rate process server pricing options

We provide flat-rate prices on process server assignments within a five-mile radius. For service outside of that area, we will provide a custom quote upon request. All assignments include up to three attempts and thirty printed pages.

Within 6 weeks


Within 5 weeks


Within 4 weeks


Within 3 weeks


Within 2 weeks


Within 1 week


For same-day service attempts: $300

Terms for process server assignments

The following terms apply to all process server jobs.


You pay for each entity being served. If you need more than one entity served at the same address, you will need to pay for two entities being served.


You only pay printing if the document exceeds 30 pages. Additional pages are 25¢ (black/white) or 45¢ (color).


You pay prior to services being rendered. Lawyers / law firms will be invoiced NET 30 upon request.


You receive an affidavit of service at no additional charge.

Bad address

You may purchase a basic skip trace investigation at a reduced rate of $50 if you want us to search for the most-recent address.

Service areas

You pay the listed prices within a five-mile radius of our office. If you need service anywhere else, you may request a quote.

A process server is someone who delivers court papers and other legal documents to a person who is involved in a court case. They are essentially messengers of the court, responsible for delivering notification to someone that their presence in court is required. Once the process server delivers the court document, they typically provide a notarized affidavit of service to demonstrate to the court that the process was effectively served.

In most states, the county sheriff is responsible for serving civil process. North Carolina is a sheriff-first state, which means service of process issued by a North Carolina court must first be attempted by the local sheriff. If the sheriff is unable to serve the civil papers, a private process server may attempt service. An exception to this rule is service of subpoenas, which may bypass the sheriff. For process issued by an out-of-state court, that state’s rules of civil procedure govern service of process.

How to legally issue and serve an out-of-state subpoena in North Carolina

This is not legal advice. Consult an attorney for your unique circumstances.

Domesticating and serving an out-of-state subpoena in North Carolina is allowed under N.C.G.S. Chapter 1F, but there are specific actions you must take to avoid legal and/or ethical violations.

Steps to domesticate a subpoena in North Carolina

Step 1: Issue a subpoena in your own state.

You need to issue the original subpoena in the jurisdiction where the trial or court hearing will take place.

Step 2: Create a North Carolina subpoena.

Obtain a North Carolina subpoena from the Administrative Office of the Courts. Aubor Group can assist with getting a form for you, but we cannot complete it. Complete the North Carolina subpoena form using the same information you listed on your state’s subpoena.

Step 3: Mail the physical subpoenas to Aubor Group.

Mail us six original subpoenas from your state and six originals of the North Carolina subpoena.

Step 4: Submit your payment.

Submit your payment for

Once we receive payment, we will physically present the foreign subpoena to the local clerk of court, pay their fee, then serve the North Carolina subpoena.