Criminal Defense

Hire a criminal defense investigator in North Carolina

At Aubor Group, our criminal defense investigators work closely with defense attorneys to review law enforcement investigations and conduct thorough investigations that may yield information that proves your innocence. Our criminal defense investigators examine the evidence that law enforcement gathered, interpret it, and look for additional evidence that may benefit you.


What is a criminal defense investigator?

A criminal defense investigator conducts criminal investigations on your behalf, most often when you have been charged with (or accused of) a crime.

In a perfect world, law enforcement investigators would conduct thorough, unbiased investigations. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world where law enforcement arrests innocent people every day.

What would you do if you were undeservedly charged with a serious crime? After all, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

If you want a thorough criminal defense investigation, you need a criminal defense investigator to help you.

Investigator team meeting

What can you expect of a criminal defense investigator?

When law enforcement officers investigate crimes, they sometimes develop “tunnel vision,” which causes them to miss important clues. At Aubor Group, you can expect your criminal defense investigator to:

  • Interview other involved parties so they can learn more about the incident
  • Visit the crime scene, so they have a realistic perspective of pictures and videos
  • Speak with your friends, family, and coworkers, so they can understand who you are
  • Collect any evidence missed by law enforcement investigators, so they can strengthen your case
  • Coordinate closely with your attorney, so they can strategize
  • Provide a thorough investigative report upon completion of the investigation, so your attorney has evidence for court
  • Testify in court, so the jury hears exonerating evidence
criminal defense investigators calculating finances

How much does a criminal defense investigation cost?

You may be able to hire a criminal defense investigator at no cost. In North Carolina, the Office of the Capital Defender and the Office of Indigent Defense Services provide funding for indigent clients.

When charged with or accused of a crime, speak with your attorney about securing our services.

If you prefer to contract with us directly, we offer competitive rates.

What is Aubor Group’s specialty?

Our firm focuses primarily on criminal defense cases. We understand the criminal justice system and the players involved. We work with defense attorneys to review criminal investigations. Law enforcement officers make mistakes just like the rest of us. Sadly, their mistakes can ruin lives. You can benefit from hiring an investigator no matter the crime. You may also be able to have the State pay for the investigation. If you would like to learn more, please give us a call.