Background Check

Hire a background check investigator in North Carolina

By hiring a background check investigator, you add layer of protection for yourself, someone you love, or even your business.

Background check investigator reviewing documents at Aubor Group, a licensed private investigator firm in North Carolina

Protect yourself, someone you love, or your business

Aubor Group helps you protect people and businesses from potential employees and vendors who may be untrustworthy. Our licensed background check investigators retrieve records from various databases, including courts across the country, so that you can learn what you need to know. Not all background checks are the same. Please use caution if you select an online system for obtaining background data, as you have no way of vetting the data to ensure its accuracy. Aubor Group’s private investigators have experience researching the backgrounds of others, both in law enforcement and civilian capacities. Let us help you get the answers you need.

Man wearing handcuffs. Criminal record check by Aubor Group. Private investigations firm.

Criminal record check

One of the biggest indicators of a person’s integrity is their proclivity for criminal behavior. To determine if someone has a criminal record, you need information from the court system. Aubor Group provides criminal records from all 100 North Carolina counties for a flat rate of $100. If you need certification by a clerk of court, an additional $25 fee applies. This check involves having data pulled directly from the Administrative Office of the Courts in North Carolina. If a person has a criminal record within this state, we will get that information for you.

Comprehensive record check

Aubor Group can provide a comprehensive records check, which includes the criminal records check, along with significant information related to addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, relatives, vehicles, real estate and more. This type of check is useful for doing a thorough dive into someone’s background, as it is not limited to only criminal convictions. For example, this type of background check may help you locate assets that someone has hidden from you.

In-depth background check investigation

When you need more information than a criminal records check or comprehensive records check can provide, our private investigators can conduct a much deeper dive into someone’s background. This often includes interviewing previous neighbors, classmates, coworkers, employers and other people who previously associated with the person. A legitimate background check cannot be done overnight. You should also be cautious when conducting a background investigation, as the stakes are high. This check includes the criminal records check and comprehensive records check in addition to other legwork required of the private investigator.

Background check private investigator interviewing an employer