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You can gain access to critical information (that is likely not available through traditional channels) by working with an adoption investigator.

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An adoption investigator can help you through a complicated process

Adoption often brings complications and emotional impact to all involved parties, and the search for biological parents or children presents its own challenges. At Aubor Group, we understand the importance of complete information in making the best decisions for your family. Consequently, we tailor our investigative services to support adoptive parents, birth parents, and attorneys in North Carolina, guiding them through the adoption process and helping find their missing piece. Moreover, when you collaborate with our seasoned team of private investigators, you gain access to critical information that is often not available through traditional channels.

Background checks

We design our background checks to offer peace of mind and ensure the safety of children placed for adoption. Additionally, our team can carry out thorough investigations, which could help you spot any red flags. As a result, this enables you to make well-informed decisions.

Biological child searches

If you are a birth parent searching for your child, we can assist you. Our experienced team conducts searches across multiple databases to identify potential matches based on the available information. Rest assured, we understand the importance of finding your child and providing closure.

Biological parent searches

Finding your biological parent(s) can be challenging. Thankfully, we can help you reconnect with your roots. We employ public records searches and DNA testing to identify potential biological family members.


Our team conducts interviews to gather additional information and offer insight into family history. We approach these interviews with sensitivity and respect, aiming for a positive outcome.

Obtaining consent from the other parent often becomes a critical step in the adoption process. We can facilitate communication and secure consent on your behalf.

Confidential intermediary services

Our confidential intermediary services aim to enable communication between adopted persons and birth parents while maintaining confidentiality. We act as a trusted third-party to facilitate this communication.

Potential consequences of not hiring an adoption investigator in North Carolina

Adoption often becomes an emotional and complex process for everyone involved. Unfortunately, situations may arise where parties withhold, misrepresent, or even fabricate information, leading to devastating consequences for all involved. Here are some examples of the negative effects of not hiring an adoption investigator:

Uncovering false information

Without a private investigator’s expertise and resources, verifying the accuracy of information provided during the adoption process becomes challenging. Sometimes, parties may intentionally or unintentionally provide false information, leading to misunderstandings, confusion, or legal issues later.

uncovering false information
incomplete background checks

Incomplete background checks

Background checks form a critical component of the adoption process, but they require thorough and accurate execution to be effective. Unfortunately, without a professional investigator, there’s a risk of overlooking important information about a potential adoptive family or birth parents, which could endanger the child’s safety and well-being.

Emotional turmoil

For birth parents or adoptive families, searching for answers often becomes emotionally taxing, especially when encountering dead-ends, unanswered questions, or false leads. This situation can cause unnecessary stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, intensifying if they feel they are not receiving the full story.

emotional turmoil
legal issues

When parties do not disclose, misrepresent, or falsify vital information during the adoption process, it can lead to legal issues for everyone involved. These issues may involve disputes over parental rights, custody battles, and even criminal charges if someone knowingly provided false information or withheld it.

In summary, not hiring an adoption investigator can lead to a range of negative consequences for all parties involved. If you’re considering adoption, it’s important to work with a professional investigative team like Aubor Group to ensure that you have the information you need to make informed decisions and protect the well-being of the child.

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