Terms and Conditions

Your agreement with us

Terms last updated 07/29/2022


This contract outlines the terms and conditions related to services Aubor Group, LLC may provide to you. All references to we or us or our mean Aubor Group, LLC. All references to you or your mean the client with whom Aubor Group, LLC is contracting to provide the services.


We will provide various services to you in the manner we feel is appropriate based on your circumstances. Some of the services we may provide include surveillance, background research, record checks, interviews, document retrieval, service of legal documents, protection, and more.


You will pay us for these services at the rate(s) we emailed to you. Payments are non-refundable.

Billing overview

You pay for any and all work we do on your behalf. Some examples include travel, phone calls, emails, etc. We bill in tenths of an hour (six-minute increments).

Billing caveats

When we deploy a team member into the field on an hourly-rate assignment, you pay for a minimum of two hours, after which you will pay in tenths of an hour. You pay the current IRS mileage rate.

Court attendance

If you need us in court, you will issue a subpoena and send it to us by email, then follow up with a phone call if we do not respond within 24 hours. We will bill you $500 per day for each team member you subpoena. To be transparent, it takes a lot of effort to free a team member for an entire day in court. If you no longer need us, you still owe the money unless you cancel at least 7 days prior to the court date.

Lost, damaged, or stolen equipment

If the equipment we use to provide services on your behalf is damaged, lost, or stolen, you will reimburse us fair market value for repair or replacement costs.

Professional relationship

We function as an independent contractor on your behalf and may simultaneously provide services to other clients. No employee-employer relationship exists.

Access to property

You consent to us entering or accessing property you own or control in conjunction with the services if we determine it benefits you or allows us to better perform the services.


We control all aspects of the services in accordance with our training, experience, and availability. We will seriously consider the information you provide related to your circumstances.


You agree not to interfere with the services in any manner. Violation of confidentiality constitutes interference.


You will maintain confidentiality regarding the services. We will do the same. Exceptions include communication between you and your attorney, us and your attorney, or any disclosure required by law.


You may direct us to stop providing services at any time without refund. The request must be in writing. We may terminate the services, without refund, if you violate confidentiality or interfere.

Loss payment

We are providing these services at your request. You agree to pay for any loss that is caused by neglect or intentional misconduct, yours or ours.

Loss means an amount we are legally responsible for or pay in any form. Examples include judgments, settlements, fines, damages, injunctive relief, staff compensation, decreases in property value, and expenses for defending against a claim for a loss (including fees for counsel, expert witnesses, and other advisers).

A loss can be tangible or intangible; can arise from bodily injury, property damage, or other causes; can be based on tort, breach of contract, or any other theory of recovery; and includes incidental, direct, and consequential damages.

A loss is caused by an event if the loss would not have occurred without the event, even if the event is not a proximate cause of the loss.

Out of fairness, we agree to notify you within 30 days after we know of a claim for a loss you might be obligated to pay. Our failure to give you timely notice does not terminate your obligation, except to the extent that the failure prejudices your ability to defend the claim or mitigate losses. We may give notice by email or posting the notice in your electronic case file. Notice is effective immediately upon sending the email or posting the notice in your case file.

We have control over defending a claim for a loss (including settling it), unless you elect to control the defense as described below, or we direct you to control the defense.

Upon receiving notice of a claim for a loss, you may take control of the defense by notifying us. If you take control, each of the following applies: (1) you may choose and retain legal counsel, (2) we may retain our own legal counsel at our expense, and (3) you must not settle any litigation without our written consent if the settlement imposes a penalty or limitation on us, admits our fault, or does not fully release us from liability.

We must cooperate with you, and you with us, in good faith on a claim.

Our rights under this section do not affect other rights that we might have.

Waiver of breach

If either you or we waive a breach of this contract, that is not considered a waiver of future breaches.


If any provision of this contract is held to be invalid or unenforceable for any reason, the remaining provisions continue to be valid and enforceable. If a court finds that limiting a provision would make it valid and enforceable, then you accept the provision as limited by the court.


This contract will be governed by the laws of the State of North Carolina. The proper venue for any disputes will be the court with jurisdiction over our main office.

Restraining orders

You confirm you are not under the restrictions of any court orders that would prevent you from hiring us to provide investigative services, such as a restraining order or domestic violence protection order.


You agree to use our case management portal for all non-emergency communication, updates, and reporting.


You will not say or do anything that could harm our reputation. Examples include online reviews, social media posts, in-person conversations, etc. We agree to treat you with the same respect. If you disparage us, we reserve the right to defend our reputation and you waive confidentiality.

Entire contract

This contract constitutes the entire contract between you and us. This contract supersedes any conflicts with a previous contract. Changes to this contract are only valid if both you and we agree in writing.

Changes to terms

We may update these terms at our discretion. It is your responsibility to check for updates to the terms by visiting www.auborgroup.com/agreement. If you disagree to the new terms, you may terminate the contract within 30 days from the date the terms were updated.