The Role of Surveillance in a Private Investigator’s Approach to a Child Custody Case

When it comes to child custody cases, both parents want what is best for their child and will do what they can to prove their suitability as a custodial parent. In some cases, this may involve hiring a private investigator to gather evidence in support of their case. One key element in a private investigator’s approach to a custody case is surveillance.

Surveillance can be used to gather a variety of evidence in a custody case. For example, a private investigator may be hired to conduct surveillance on a parent to see if they are engaging in any behavior that may be detrimental to their case, such as substance abuse or neglecting the care of the child. Surveillance may also be used to gather evidence of a parent’s involvement in the child’s life, such as the amount of time they spend with the child and the activities they engage in together.

It’s important to note that any evidence gathered through surveillance must be legally obtained and admissible in court. This means that the private investigator must follow all relevant laws and guidelines, including those related to privacy and consent.

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