Success story: a grandmother wins custody

At Aubor Group, we are proud to have helped countless clients win custody of their children in court. And one of our most rewarding cases was when we helped a grandmother win custody of her young granddaughter.

The grandmother came to us with a heart-wrenching story. Her daughter, the child’s mother, had allowed the child to be in the presence of a convicted sex offender and child molester, despite a court order preventing him from being around the child. The grandmother was horrified and terrified for her granddaughter’s safety, and she desperately wanted to protect her.

We immediately went to work, conducting a thorough investigation and gathering evidence to support the grandmother’s case. We conducted surveillance, gathered witness statements, and even tracked down the convicted sex offender to get his side of the story. We also worked closely with the grandmother, providing her with expert advice and guidance on how to present her case in court.

With our help, the grandmother was able to make a strong and compelling case in court, and she was able to win custody of her granddaughter. The child was removed from her mother’s care, and she was placed in the loving and protective custody of her grandmother.

We were thrilled to have played a role in this successful outcome, and we were grateful for the opportunity to help protect this vulnerable child. It was a reminder of why we do what we do, and it was a testament to the value of our services.

At Aubor Group, we are committed to helping our clients succeed in court, and we will do whatever it takes to help them protect their children and their families.