What is a process server and why do I need to hire one?

Put simply, a process server is responsible for effecting service of legal process in compliance with the rules of civil procedure. In simpler terms, “a process server is somewhere between a legal assistant and a [private investigator], responsible for delivering legal documents to people who aren’t interested in receiving legal documents, on behalf of clients who would very much like said people to receive said legal documents” (Donaldson). We’re basically legal messengers who help keep the wheels of justice turning. In many states, local sheriff’s deputies attempt to serve legal papers, but they are often overwhelmed with the volume and make half-hearted efforts at best. This is where a private process server is vital.

After delivering the documents, a process server provides an affidavit of service to the court. Basically, it’s written testimony of the process server indicating the details of the service. While many people aren’t happy to be on the receiving end of a lawsuit, avoiding service can actually be harmful. For example, some documents that we serve are those which allow the recipient to specify personal property that the law will exempt from being seized as a result of the lawsuit, but only if the person fills out the form and returns it to the court in a timely manner.

Aubor Group was founded by a former deputy sheriff with many years of experience serving civil process. Our team holds itself to the highest industry standards and complies with the rules of civil procedure. When you need a paper served, call us. We include GPS location information for every attempt.

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