Merriam-Webster defines surveillance as “close watch kept over someone or something (as by a detective).” Aubor Group does provide such services– and to a surprisingly wide range of client types. Everyone from attorneys and spouses to parents and business owners.. Whether you suspect your significant other is cheating or an employee is stealing, our team of private investigators can observe the behavior of others on your behalf. Note: unless you want a stalking charge, please leave it to us!

Aubor Group knows how to handle a hostile termination. We work with your human resources representative or other chosen staff member(s) to establish a firm presence during a hostile terminations, with the goal of safely and securely escorting an unwanted person from your property while preventing harm to others and damage to property.


Surveillance is a big word that describes a variety of investigative techniques. Think about it: it’s basically using your senses to monitor someone. Most often, visual observation provides the best evidence. Video and photo evidence receive more attention than other types.

Occasionally, location data proves valuable. For example, GPS logs can show where someone’s car was located at a certain time. Informants can be priceless resource in hard-to-watch locations.

The investigator makes a plan based on what you say. When it’s time, the investigator goes to the place to watch. He will take pictures/videos and make notes, unless there is no activity. When finished, the investigator gives you a detailed report. 

Intellectual property theft results in a loss of revenue for you and jobs for your employees. While intellectual property theft investigations are more expensive than standard surveillance, you stand to recoup a substantial portion of your losses by hiring a private investigator to help protect your rights. Law enforcement investigators are already overstaffed, so counting on them to work on your case could be futile.


The only way to know if your case needs it would be to speak with you to learn more. Most often, cases like cheating spouses or child custody disputes do benefit from surveillance. But, cases like asset location do not. Just give us a call to discuss your case – no charge.

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