Hi, I’m Joel Johnson, the founder of Aubor Group.  I am a licensed private investigator based in High Point, North Carolina.  I founded Aubor Group to provide investigative and legal support services to clients in the Piedmont Triad area. Our main goal at Aubor Group is to provide professional investigative services to those accused of crimes. We work in conjunction with defense attorneys to review law enforcement investigative reports to ensure a proper investigation was conducted. This often entails interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence and testifying in court.

So, how did I get here?  I began my career in law enforcement, where I investigated crimes in both urban and rural environments.  One of my greatest motivators was helping victims seek justice for the wrongs done to them.  Being the victim of a crime is difficult. Not receiving justice make things worse. I wanted to make a difference, so I took the steps to do just that.

I soon noticed that many law enforcement officers chose the career because of the excitement rather than pursuing justice. I distinctly recall a detective remark that it was easier to arrest first and then investigate. Did you read what I just wrote? That is a common attitude by law enforcement investigators. Another officer once quipped his practice was to arrest someone and then figure out what they would charge the person with once he spoke with other officers back at the station.

Don’t get me wrong– there are a great number of fantastic investigators who do their jobs correctly. Unfortunately, being thorough results in more time they spend on each case. This reduces the number of cases that investigator can work at one time. Law enforcement administrators focus on numbers. It’s a game of statistics. They want cases cleared quickly. If it results in the wrong person being charged, that does not affect their statistics. No one goes back and updates the records when the truth comes to light.

I eventually left full-time law enforcement and joined the private sector, where I helped build investigative software for law enforcement agencies.  This software equipped criminal investigators with the modern tools necessary to conduct thorough investigations and solve crimes.  My goal was to help reduce wrongful arrests.

I became a private investigator to conduct thorough investigations for those accused of crimes. I founded Aubor Group with a goal of ensuring defendants receive the investigations they deserve. While we do work other types of cases (family law, missing persons, etc.), our priority is criminal defense investigations.

If I can be of assistance to you, please feel free to reach out.  I work closely with attorneys, businesses, individuals and other organizations to help protect people and assets.  Most of us experience a time where we need a professional to obtain evidence in our favor, conduct background checks, locate criminal history information and even provide personal protection or bodyguard services.  Whatever your need may be, let’s talk and see how I can help. 


Joel Johnson
Aubor Group 


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